What does the "Save/export to JSON" do ?

The JSON format is the best lossless format to save your tables if you want to edit them again later. Save the JSON data in a file. When you want to load a table again with a JSON file, click the "New table" button, paste the content of your JSON file in the text zone at the top right and click "Import the content of a file".

Which format can I use to import a table ?

You can import JSON (generated by this generator), CSV and LaTeX.You can also import tables from webpages, Word documents, Excel documents and more.

How can I import tables from other formats?

See if you can import this format in Word, Excel or another program and use the feature to import tables from these programs (in "New table")

Which format are supported to export a table ?

LaTeX, Plain TeX, Markdown, JSON and HTML

Which features are supported when you import a LaTeX table?

The following environments are supported :

The following environments will be supported soon (in order of priority)

Can I import a table written in Plain TeX?


How can I run this program locally?

Download the files here. Open "index.html" with Chrome or Firefox. You don't need a server.

Where can I access the changelog ?

You can access the changelog here.

How can I contact you?

You can contact me here :

Supported tables environments

From rotating package :

Supported tabular environments

From tabularx package :

From tabulary package :

From longtable package :

From tabu package :

From xtabs package :

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